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Dog Toy.Egg Babies: Hedgehog

Price: $29.90
Availability: In Stock
Model: Dog & Puppy Toys
Manufacturer: Kyjen
Average Rating: Not Rated

Dog Toy.Egg Babies: Hedgehog
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The fun and exciting Egg Babies line from Kyjen will give your dog hours of fun without them destroying their toy in the process!

The Egg Babies dog toys are designed to teach your dog to effectively remove several squeaky toy balls from the inside of the toy without destroying it. This is done by you demonstrating to your dog that you have retrieved and put back in the squeaky ball toys. The squeaky ball will give your dog the incentive to dig into the toy to retrieve it. The Egg Babies line also includes 2 spare squeaky balls.

This toy is machine washable


  • Height: 6
  • Width: 9
  • Depth: 8.5

Manufacturered by Kyjen

As dog lovers and companions, we understand the importance of keeping dogs happy and healthy. Since 1992, Kyjen has been on a mission to keep dogs active and engaged. Based in the foothills of Colorado, we hike, play and explore with our dogs in order to develop the best products for them. Since every day is “Bring Your Dog to Work Day,” it’s easy for us to engage in research and development for the daily pursuit of animal happiness and well-being! We love what we do and we strive to make the best dog products, worldwide, at affordable prices. As a result, the stores, the pet parents, and the dogs benefit!

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Dog Toy.Egg Babies: Hedgehog
Click to enlarge
Dog Toy.Egg Babies: Hedgehog
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